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Disney's Disability Access is Going Digital

Starting on April 30, 2015, Walt Disney World in Florida will be going digital with the Disability Access Service Card.  Cast members at each attraction will scan a visitor's tickets or MagicBands in order to give them a return time for that attraction.  Basically, the policy is the same as before.  The only difference is that instead of cast members writing down the return time on the card it will be done digitally via a scanning system.  

Many of Disney's customers were upset when they first changed their policy back in 2013. In fact, many families sued Disney citing a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Before the 2013 change people could show up with their card and get in the FastPass line immediately.  Some people were abusing the system by hiring people with disabilities to travel with them so that they could skip the long lines.  So, Disney changed the policy so that the access card would provide a return time similar to the Fast Pass.  Exceptional Vacations Trip Chaperone, Nancy Freiwald, noticed that the new policy worked well when you used the Disability Access Card in conjunction with the Fast Pass system.  You can read her article here:  http://www.exceptional-vacations.com/wewerewrong.html

Exceptional Vacations next Disney Trip (supervised tour for individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities or special needs) is coming up on May 14 - 17, 2015.  We'll have to wait and see how this works out for our customers.  We will make sure to post an update after our May trip with all the details of the new system.

April 2015