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“Putting Development

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Exceptional Vacations Provides High Quality

Vacations for Individuals with Developmental

Disabilities and Other Special Needs.

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Benefits of Travel for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities can benefit from getting out of their normal routines by going on a vacation.  Vacations have the power to help us gain insights and learn to appreciate the present moment. The end result is returning to our normal lives with a renewed sense of excitement.


Detaching from a familiar environment can help an individual with a special need gain perspective.  In addition to meeting new people and new friends there are some less obvious benefits.  For example, experiences such as eating in a new restaurant can stimulate your thinking:  What is on the menu?  Should I try something new?  When you are on vacation and away from your normal element you are able to see things you may normally miss such as taking note of new people and objects around you.  

The University of Pittsburgh’s Mind Body Center conducted a study of 1,399 participants.  They found that leisure activities such as vacations contributed to more positive emotions and fewer negative emotions and depression.  Other benefits found from taking a vacation are lower blood pressure, lower stress hormones and smaller waists.

“Our customers go home refreshed and excited to share their experiences with their friends and family,” said Jill Vassi, Vice President of Exceptional Vacations.  “Everyone benefits from taking a break and going on vacation, especially people with special needs,” she said.

Exceptional Vacations offers supervised vacations for adults with intellectual disabilities and other special needs.  They even offer payment plans so that their budget minded customers can pay for their vacation over time, with the end reward of going on a vacation!

October 2015