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“Putting Development

Before The Disability”

Exceptional Vacations Provides High Quality

Vacations for Individuals with Developmental

Disabilities and Other Special Needs.

Exceptional Vacations is a division of Exceptional Services Group

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Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities, Varying Needs or Lifestyles

Everyone faces challenges in life.  Individuals with developmental disabilities are no exception. Things that many people take for granted, such as inclusion, can be a major barrier in the life of an individual with a developmental disability.  When society fails to provide the basic rights of inclusion and ability for community integration to people with disabilities it takes away from the individual's dignity.  

In order to promote inclusion and provide respect and dignity to all of Exceptional Vacations travelers, we do our best to accommodate the varying needs and abilities of our customers:  individuals who use wheelchairs and need adaptive equipment, those who live and work independently, couples who may want to travel together but need some assistance.  We will work with all of you to make sure you have an "Exceptional Vacation".  

Exceptional Vacations is dedicated to providing high quality vacation opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities and special needs.  We ensure a safe environment with an emphasis on inclusion and community interaction.  Our trips promote socialization, friendship and fun.  

It is our mission to make sure everyone has the best vacation experience possible.  Our staff will pass medications, offer hygiene prompts, transfer assistance, etc. if needed.  We can also provide a one-on-one staff for individuals who need more assistance.

Most individuals, at some point in their lives, will likely need assistance. We all have a responsibility to educate and to become educated to treat people on basic respect and dignity and to provide the assistance that will allow individuals to enjoy all the world has to offer.  Exceptional Vacations believes if we can educate people on disability issues and sensitivity it will increase compassion and tolerance, and open up new and exciting opportunities.

January 2015